Switzerland: 3 key demands to restore "freedom to travel"

Switzerland: 3 key demands to restore

About fifty representatives of aviation, tourism and social partners gathered for a virtual summit entitled Back in the Air to formulate three key demands allowing, according to them, to restore "the freedom to travel".

At the end of the summit, the participants adopted these three common principles to present them to the President of the Swiss Confederation, Guy Parmelin:
1) Approach based on risk analysis: no restrictions on people traveling between countries with a similar epidemiological situation. Such a reliable approach can be guaranteed by planning a comprehensive vaccination, testing and traceability strategy.
2) Vaccination and tests: travelers vaccinated, cured or tested negative for COVID-19 must be able to enter and leave Switzerland freely. Otherwise, an antigen test should be sufficient to demonstrate the absence of a Covid-19 infection.
3) Digital attestation: proof of vaccination, cure or negative test must be standardized and available in digital form.

“Switzerland, as an economic center of global importance and a country of export, depends on efficient air traffic. Travel must again be possible and plannable - responsibly, based on risk analysis and in accordance with protection concepts ”,