A tailor-made service on departure and on arrival.

The range of premium services goes from easy access to its luxurious V.I.P.

The Gold service for business travelers includes personalized support to save considerable time.

Creation and tailor-made organization of Events and Seminars.




Our job at the Airport is one of stopover, security and freight. We also take care of maintenance as well as assistance for Airline Companies, Escalators, Operations Control Centers.

Track service

  • change and unloading of planes

Passenger service

  • Passenger reception
  • Registration
  • Baording
  • Ticket sales
  • Baggage litigation services

Traffic Department

  • creation of loading plans
  • Flight coordination and supervision
  • Creation of mass quotes
  • Crew briefing
  • Preparation and updating of aircraft documentation
  • Installation of catwalks / stepladders
  • Airport security
  • A P M R Airport

Service +

  • professional cleaning service
  • Placement and training agency
  • Reception profession and recruitment
  • Training center for air and seafaring trades
  • Tourism, events, hospitality, and luxury reception
  • Flight attendant training